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Are you an NGO, a company willing to partner with us, or a person interested in supporting our work? In our endeavour to work with the government education system, we partner with various stakeholders both in the public and private sector.

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C3 has just started its activities and is growing thanks to the support of a small team and a growing pool of committed volunteers! Check this page for future updates!

Donate your used computer

Are you considering changing computers at home or in your office? Then you can donate your used computer and electronics equipment still in good condition to us.

Intern with us

C3 is routinely looking for candidates with a background in social media management, project management, M&E, and education. Candidates with good writing skills and new ideas and willing to intern with us full-time for at least 8 weeks may apply by filling the application form below.

Volunteer with us

C3 is looking for graduate/undergraduate students who wish to volunteer with us and engage in meaningful and fulfilling activities. We value your contribution! Share your experience, knowledge, and skills by filling out the form below.