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Donate your used computer

Are you considering changing computers at home or in your office? Then you can donate your used computer and electronics equipment still in good condition to us.


Donate your used computer for our pilot programme!

C3 will launch its pilot programme in July 2017.

It will involve 10 government schools in West Delhi.


How is C3 planning to use the funds?

We plan to:

– set up a training centre,

– provide every school involved in the pilot with one computer and internet connectivity for teachers’ digital literacy training.

Thanks to these resources, the teachers involved in our project will have the opportunity to conduct online research, follow our online training modules, and prepare the assignments required to successfully complete C3’s fellowship (L.E.A.D.).


Our crowdfunding campaign is live!

We have also launched a crowdfunding campaign. You can check our page on Milaap!


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