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Are you an NGO, a company willing to partner with us, or a person interested in supporting our work?

In our endeavour to work with the government education system, we partner with various stakeholders both in the public and private sector.

Here’s some information for you.



Are you an NGO specialized in education?What kind of NGO partners are we looking for?

We are looking to partner with NGOs committed to bring about positive change in society through their experience in the field of education.

It is imperative that their operations are transparent and that the results of their work is verifiable.

Here’s what your organisation should provide.

The organisation should:

  • Be registered as a Trust/Society/Sec. 25 Company,
  • Provide measurable performance indicators,B
  • Be already implementing programmes in primary schools (for a minimum of one year since its date of registration),
  • Provide audited financial statements.

If you are an NGO or a non profit organisation and are willing to become a partner of Collaborate to Create Change, please send us an email at along with a short introduction and we will get in touch with you soon!



Do you want to partner with us for CSR?Who do we work with?

We don’t just need donors.

We need partners willing to embark on this endeavour with us and support us in accomplishing our mission.

C3 works with organisations that are interested in contributing to primary education from a CSR perspective.

How can we work together?

Corporate partners can support:

  • A year-long Fellowship for Head Masters and Teachers,
  • Education related content,
  •  Workshops,
  • Professional & skill development,
  • Monitoring & Evaluation.

If you would like to support us, if you have an idea to share or if you are interested in knowing more about C3’s work, please reach out to us at and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.



Do you want to support our projects?Do you want to support C3’s work?

Our crowdfunding campaign is live!

If you want to support our pilot project, visit our campaign page on Milaap.

Even one small contribution can make a difference!

We can make it happen. 


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