The government is the backbone of the whole programme.

C3 works as an extension of the government to carry out the services by bringing together the service providers, i.e. NGOs, content partners, social enterprises, and the private sector to work as a consortium and generate systemic change in the government schools.


Schools are at the centre of C3's model.

Their active participation will nourish the entire model and will push them towards a whole-school transformation.


Our pilot project PEHAL

Project PEHAL has been conceived to achieve a whole-school transformation in government schools through effective Public-Private Partnerships.

Our vision is to bring about a comprehensive change within the education system by working with the actors directly involved in children’s learning:



C3’s comprehensive approach focuses on ownership, accountability, as well as skill and professional development of the teachers without challenging the system but merging with it.



By working with the teachers inside the system and unleashing their leadership potential.

As part of the project, C3 has designed the L.E.A.D. fellowship (Lead with Empathy, Appreciation, and Development):

a 1-year initiative empowering teachers and Headmasters in government schools to become agents of change.

The L.E.A.D. fellowship aims to equip them with various soft and hard skills, which will support them in succeeding in their professional careers.

L.E.A.D. fellows join a 2-week boot camp, participate in an exposure trip at the end of the year, meet changemakers from performing schools, involve all the teachers in their schools by facilitating a mini-boot camp and completing together a year-long online training video series.

They also develop annual, monthly, and weekly SMART academic and non-academic goals, whose progress is monitored by the education department during periodic meetings and an online dashboard.




A school-to-school model

The following year, the teachers willing to be involved in the second phase of the project will participate in a Train the Trainers workshop, which will empower them to initiate the same process in another group of schools.