A good education equips children with the knowledge, skills and values that makes them responsible citizens.

Unfortunately, the government schools in the country have a different story. Falling enrollments, absenteeism, and poor learning levels prove that we are failing to educate the majority of our children.

Collaborate to Create Change (C3) was founded in 2016 with the aim to bring a change in the status quo in the Government Schools.

For this, it brings together non-profit organisations specialised in education to work as a consortium for a common goal.

C3 is built on the ideology that the government schools can be revived through effective Public Private Partnerships.

Our strategy is to develop a district-level collaborative model which can be effectively scaled nationally.

Our mission

C3 envisions a sustainable model to be introduced into the government education system to revive and transform it by 2030 by leveraging Public-Private-Partnerships and supporting schools in the process.

Our vision

Ensuring enrollment and effective learning by children in government schools in the emerging economies.