Stories of change: Puja
Stories of change

Puja’s story

Puja is ten-year-old.

Along with her two younger siblings, she attends a government primary school in the area.

She is just one kid who is on the verge of dropping out.

Like 30% of students in the government schools around grade 5.

Her father is a rickshaw puller and a compulsive alcoholic.

Her mother, a domestic help in the neighborhood, lets her go to school instead of asking her to contribute to the family income.

She hopes that Puja will one day have a better life than her.

However, Puja at ten cannot even read a full sentence in Hindi, do a simple addition nor write anything beyond her name.

She is frustrated because she is not actually learning anything in school, so she starts planning how she can drop out of school.

Her mother, on the other hand, not seeing great changes in Puja even after she has been going to school for more than 4 years, is changing her mind as well.

She is considering pulling her out and finding her employment as a domestic help in the same building.

How could we motivate Puja to change her story?

A good teacher in the school is the only one who can bring about a difference in Puja’s life.

A motivated, skilled and responsible teacher can engage Puja in learning by making the lessons interesting for her.

She will make sure that Puja attends school and is not left behind.

This will motivate Puja to come to school everyday and erase any thoughts of dropping out.

Her keenness will motivate her mother to continue to send her school.

When Puja finishes grade 5, instead of dropping out, she will like to go to middle school.

And Puja will not be the only child benefiting from the teacher’s new avatar.

Her whole class and her school will.

Imagine a scenario where every Puja would finish high school.

We want Puja to be one of our stories of change.

This is what C3 stands for.